Julia Schulze & Meranda Tillmon, November 2018

This was my first ever wedding to purchase, design and arrange flowers for from start to finish. The bride Julia, who I have known since 6th grade, was the Maid of Honor at my own wedding in 2014. Looking back on my own flowers, I felt they were a bit plain for my style, but ultimately, we were on a strict budget and I decided to be financially wise. So, when Julia got engaged, I offered to do her flowers rather than her spending a lot of money elsewhere. I don’t know if she was kind or just desperate but Julia said yes on the spot and, with my brain exploding from ideas, I embarked on my first floral journey. They had a short engagement during what was a very busy time in my personal life; I was traveling a lot with my husband, working 60 hours a week on overnight shifts and pregnant with my second daughter. I was overjoyed to have a creative outlet during this hectic time and loved every minute of bringing my vision to life. Learning the many challenges involved from working with vendors to intoxicated bridesmaids to last minute ceremony changes became part of the experience and I learned to roll with the punches.

So thank you to Julia and Meranda, who graciously entrusted me with their special day. To you both, I owe my confidence, understanding and inspiration of the flower biz. I am forever thankful for your faith in me.


rachel tarrant & alistair forsyth, april 2019

Every wedding is special, but this one was extra special for many reasons… 1) The wedding was between my brother and his high school sweetheart 2) It was a traditional Scottish wedding. Yes, kilts were involved! 3) My daughter was the flower girl! The timing was a tad chaotic as I had just given birth to my daughter 20 days earlier, I was flying to the UK early the next morning to visit my sick grandfather, and my husband had to leave half way through the cocktail hour to attend another wedding in which he was a groomsman. Whew, I’m tired just thinking about it! It was truly a family affair and I loved spending the morning setting up alongside my loved ones and blessing my new sister-in-law with flowers. I had never worked with sunflowers before but grew (no pun intended) to love their bright faces and sturdy stems! It made arranging them in the large metal canisters a breeze! I just felt bad for poor Rachel because her bridal bouquet weighed a TON! But once we all saw the pictures, there was no denying it, the unexpected arm workout was totally worth it! Both Rachel, and her unique bouquet featuring sunflowers, white roses, delphiniums, craspedia and (Scottish!) thistles- looked absolutely gorgeous!

Do you have specific cultural or family traditions to incorporate into your floral design? Whatever it may be, we love helping brides create meaningful arrangements to reflect who they are and the heritage they’ve come from.


Tina cheridan & greg whitley, february 2019

I met Tina through a close family friend Sally, who made my wedding cake, and asked if I could help her with some “last-minute” flowers. Of course I said yes! So this beautiful bride and I got together just 6 weeks before her big day. She requested a wedding filled with red roses and calla lilies… 3 days after Valentine’s day! It was a tall order, given the amount of red roses needed, but we pulled it off! Tina knew exactly what she wanted for her florals and we were honored to be able to bring her vision to life. Tina’s gorgeous bouquet, which provides a modern and elegant twist on an old-fashioned classic, is still my all time favorite bouquet to date. It contrasted beautifully with her timeless dress and glamorous veil, and she looks breathtaking in the photographs. Based on my recommendation, she ended up using the photographer who photographed my own wedding! And I think you’ll agree Tina, her bouquet and all of the pictures, turned out perfectly!

Are you working with a limited time frame due to a short engagement, tight budget or change of plan?! Whatever the reason, we are here to help and are happy to accommodate last minute brides! And we promise, your guests will never know the difference!