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i’m on a budget, can i still have beautiful flowers for my wedding?

Of course the answer is YES! We welcome all types of brides with all types of budgets and utilize every stem, petal and bud to make sure that there is no waste involved, and therefore no unnecessary expenses. I never want a bride to feel as though she has to choose between her vision or her budget! I do not believe in upcharging exorbitant fees, purchasing unneeded extras or using expensive vendors. Working alongside the bride to find budget-friendly blooms, ideas and arrangements that suit her look is all part of the fun!

why can’t you provide quotes online?

Costs vary hugely between events, meaning it is not possible to provide instant online estimates. Each bride and each wedding is unique and the preparation process cannot be done well when rushed. I believe in meeting in-person, swapping ideas and scrolling your Pinterest board to fully understand the look you have for your special day.

How do i know which florist to pick for my event?

When choosing a vendor for a wedding or special event, I believe these 3 questions help with the selection process...

1) Do they offer the quality, product and look that you have been dreaming of?

2) Are they able to work within your set budget while still providing excellent service?

3) Do you have a warm rapport with the vendor? Are they trustworthy, easy to talk to, reliable, personable and friendly?

Do you work with LGBTQ couples?

When I first began this business it seemed silly that I would need to advertise as an LGBTQ-friendly vendor because, to me, there is truly zero difference between a straight or gay wedding when it comes to arranging flowers... However, I am not ignorant and realize there are businesses who refuse to work with and honor all types of couples. I consider myself an ally and friend to the gay community and I promise to provide the best possible services to all my clients, regardless of orientation. At the end of the day, a wedding is about two people coming together as one in unity, commitment and trust- and in that special moment, love wins.

do you offer tear-down services?

Absolutely! Transportation of the flowers and set up at the venue is included in the price. And for an additional $200.00 we will stay the entire duration of the wedding, take down all the arrangements and either 1) package them for family/guests to take home or 2) take them back home with us to donate should no one claim them

What happens to the leftover flowers after the event ends?

Should none of the flowers be claimed after the event ends, it is my pleasure to take the arrangements to a local nursing home the following morning and bless the residents with a little floral beauty. I have done this several times in the past and always take my oldest daughter with me so they get to enjoy beautiful flowers and one cute baby girl. It is truly an honor to give back in this small way because the residents are so appreciative and, this way, the flowers keep on giving!